Top 10 Guns in BGMI 2022 


1. M249  2. GROZA  3. AUG A3  4. AWM 5. AKM  6. M416 7. DP-28 8. Scar-L  9. Micro UZI 10.MP5K

Following Are the Top 10 Guns in BGMI


1. The M249 was already a fantastic weapon  2. 75 bullets per round  3. This can be expanded to      150 bullets per round 


1. Strongest assault rifles  2. The typical damage is 49 points  3. It may be used in both applications


1. The AUG A3 is a weapon with rank  2. Looting the airdrop and is most likely  3. 3X scope for better visibility to long range battles

Arctic Warfare Magnum                

1. AWM is the deadliest gun in Battlegrounds  2. Better rifle than this with 120 points of damage  3. Only one body shot to knock



1. high-damage weapon  2. they both deal 49 points of damage with 7.62 mm  3. recoil is quite high  4. close-range shooting nearly impossible


1. one of the strongest weapon  2. an assault rifle or AR, and it features some impressive recoil controls  3. long-range fights are best

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