Features of IOS 15 and release date

You can find some of the broader new features in iOS 15. We're first taking a look at what Apple just added.

Features of IOS 15

This version adds an easier way to use Safari, preconfigured modes to instantly change your home screen setup, and huge upgrades to FaceTime, among dozens of other new features

Which device is eligible for IOS 15

If you have an older iPhone, you might be wondering if it supports iOS 15. Well, if it's an iPhone 6S (2015) or newer,

New look for notifications

Notifications from apps now display larger app icons so it's easier to see what's what at a glance. 

New look for notifications

When you get a text from someone from an app like Messages, it will include their contact photo to make it easier to identify who is messaging you

A Fancier FaceTime

it keeps your face in focus but blurs out your messy room in the background. You can also create FaceTime links to share and invite others to a video chat

New Ways to Focus

A new Do Not Disturb mode to silence them all. When you don't want to be interrupted, your friends and family will see when you have Do Not Disturb turned on in Messages.

Live Text

It's tied to upgrades in your device's computer vision technology. Point your camera app at anything with text and you'll see a text icon.

AirTag Safety Features

To reduce unwanted tracking with AirTags, Apple has made a few changes, with more on the way later this year.

Photo Memories

When you open the Photos app and go to the For You tab, you'll be greeted with a new version of Memories—this feature automatically generates a mini-movie

IOS 15 release date

Apple in June 2021 introduced the latest version of its iOS operating system, iOS 15, which was released on September 20, 2021.