Best PUBG Mobile Player in The World

By KeshavRaj

Best PUBG Players

Each of them is a unique individual who has achieved remarkable success and made a significant contribution to the PUBG society.

XQF Paraboy

Paraboy is a very well-known PUBG gamer from all over the world. He is a Chinese attacker who is primarily associated with Nova XQF.


Jonathan is a well-known Esports player. He always utilizes the gyroscope during gameplay and finding someone who will use the gyroscope.

BTR Zuxxy

BTR Zuxxy is the top PUBG Mobile player. Bagas Pramudita is his true name, however, he is better known among other players as BTR Zuxxy


you've probably heard the name Scout. Tanmay Singh is his true name, and he is among the most successful Indian PUBG gamers.

XQF Order

He goes by the name XQF Order and it is one of China's top PUBG players. Close-range battles have dominate by Order.


Mortal is one of the best players of PUBG in India. Also known as Naman Mathur He is also India’s one of the best esports players.

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