Features of Samsung One UI 5.O

You can find some of the broader new features in Samsung One UI 5.O . We're first taking a look at what Samsung just added.

Which device is eligible for One UI 5.O

The new version of One UI 5.O might has come in Samsung premium phones and newer phone in A and M series. 

Features of One UI 5.O

With rumors of the official One UI 5 beta starting soon and internal previews already underway, people are getting excited to see what Samsung has up its sleeve for Android 13.

New notification design

The notification design has been slightly changed between One UI 4 and One UI 5. There are new icons for notifications along with an updated design style.

Stock Android permission dialogs

One big surprise with One UI 5 is Samsung’s choice to use the default Android permission dialogs. This is by no means a bad thing, and it is very similar to Google.

Write from image

This feature is based on OCR. It can copy text or images from photo and you can use this text with your keyboard. You can copy and past it in massage and anywhere.

Security and privacy hub

The security and privacy hub of Samsung is updated. It places all your accounts, passwords, security, and privacy features into one screen, thus allowing for easy access.

New multitasking gestures

there are now two options for multitasking and accessing the feature. You’ll now be able to swipe up from the bottom of the screen or swipe in from the top right corner.

active app in quick settings

There are some changes in notification bar u can view the active apps directly and manage it. It help to show direct which app running in background.

UWB toggle in settings

UWB is a short-range, wireless communication protocol that operates through radio waves. It can be used to capture highly accurate spatial and directional data.

One UI 5.O release date

Samsung launch beta of One UI 5.O in July and One UI 5.O might be released in September or October 2022.