Features of Realme UI 3.0 and release date

You can find some of the broader new features in Realme UI 3.0 . We're first taking a look at what Realme just added.

Which device is eligible for Realme UI 3.0

If you have an older iPhone, you might be wondering if it supports Realme UI 3.0. Well, if it's an Realme 6 or newer.

Features of Realme UI 3.0

realme UI 3.0 introduces a refreshing new look with Fluid Space design AOD, features to protect your privacy, and improvements across system to make you phone faster.

Fluid Space Design

The new 3D icon uses layers and colors to provide a sense of context and visibility. Every icon is redrawn and redesigned. Unnecessary strokes and shadows have been removed.

New Character with Omoji

You can now create 3D avatars of your own face with custom hairstyles, headwear, makeup, and piercings. Omoji even mirrors your expressions in real-time.


The new Smart Theming Engine automatically picks colors from your wallpaper and applies those colors across system elements of realme UI 3.0. So your UI now feels more personal.

Sketchpad AOD

Sketchpad AOD converts your portrait wallpaper into artistic AOD aesthetics that are indeed yours.

AI Engine

realme UI 3.0 now has a redesigned resources management system with AI Smooth Engine, making more efficient, smoother, faster launch apps, and improves battery life.

Smooth Animation Engine

Every interaction on realme smartphone now looks and feels incredibly fluid. That means each animation frame now transit from one frame to another more smoothly and naturally.

Approximate Location

With Approximate Location, you can now control whether an app should have precise or approximate data of your location.


realme UI 3.0 now gives your more app permission control options for how apps can access your data.

Realme UI 3.0  release date

Realme just introduce new  Realme UI 3.0 With new features and the update will roll out according your device after OCT, 2021.