10 Best Animation Apps for iPad 2022

There who animate on iPad in 2022, I'm going to discuss the 10 Best Animation Apps for iPad 2022. Each app is good in its way

Animation Apps for iPad 2022

In this current era of the rapidly growing technology of this world, Animation plays a significant role in this design field. As the animation field is growing rapidly

1. Animation Desk

Animation desk is an application for iPad in which you can create a good animation frame by frame and also it gives you many features that can help you in animating .

1. Animation Desk


– Custom Brushes are available – Multiple Timeline Layers – Flexible payment options and platforms – Have a very snappy performance

3. RoughAnimator

– Timeline scrubbing – Varieties of video resources – Layers – Audio and video importing – Customizable brushes – Support of various styluses rather than Apple Pen

4. Clip Studio Paint

– Feature-rich experience – A free trial is available – Multiple layers available – The user interface is similar to desktop – Flexible workspace

5. Looom

– Simple user interface – Fun to use – Multiple layers supported – Easy in creating quick or short animations – Recording is available

6. Animatic

– Color options are way too limited – No option for layers – Doesn't support Apple pencil – Pressure sensitivity is not available

7. Animation Creator HD

– Ultra 4K HD, 1920x1080, 1280x720, and many more resolutions are supported – There is no limit to frames. – Audio manager tool – 'Full-screen editing

8. Stick Nodes Pro

– A variety of shapes, coloron on a per-segment basis, and gradients. – Add all kinds of sound effects to make your animations epic.

Here is the end of the list of 10 Best Animation Apps for iPad 2022. Happy Animating ahead.

Thank you for reading. We hope that you will have a good animating experience using the apps listed above.